Tamarack Country Club

This is Tamarack

In 1929, Yale University Graduate, Charles Henry Banks designed a golf course so unique that generations of golfers have been enjoying his creation for more than 80 years. That course is Tamarack. But today, you can enjoy more than just a legendary golfing experience.

What makes Tamarack Country Club special is our uniquely diverse membership and a welcoming environment that beckons friends and families to connect and create long lasting relationships.What we value at Tamarack is character and camaraderie as these are the foundations from which countless friendships are formed and our close community is built. 

Today, Tamarack Country Club is more than just a great Greenwich golf course, it is a place where friends and families gather to relax, socialize, and celebrate. Tamarack Country Club is a place where new friendships are forged and life long memories are created.

Golf Digest Ranked #5 Golf Course in State of Connecticut

Ryan Kalista honored as top 50 kids golf teacher in the country