Contact - Tamarack Country Club

Tamarack is located in the beautiful rolling hills of back country Greenwich, Connecticut at 55 Locust Road. 
We are approximately 2 miles from Westchester County Airport and Route 684. 
You can reach us by calling 203-531-7300.

Cellphone Policy

The use of cellular phones and other communication devices is prohibited on the golf course at all times.
The use of cellular phones in the clubhouse, except the locker rooms, is also prohibited.
Cell phones can be used in the parking lot up until the bag drop area.

Clubhouse Attire

(For men & women)

  • Slacks, collared shirt, “Tommy Bahama” type shirts (no tails).
  • Shirts with tails may not be worn outside the pant.
  • Skirts, dresses and slacks for women.
  • Denim jeans, jean shorts, denim skirts, cut off pants and sleeves, undershirts, halter tops, bare midriffs, cargo pants or shorts, spandex, exercise and running attire are NOT permitted.
  • Men and boys must remove hats, caps and visors.
  • Men are not permitted to wear sandals or sneakers.

Golf Course Attire

Long Pants, Bermuda shorts, skirts, dresses of acceptable lengths are required.
Men and boys must wear collared shirts tucked in and caps are to be worn front forward.
Woman’s sleeveless shirts must have collars; woman’s shirts without collar must have sleeves.
Tennis and swim attire are not permitted. Metal cleats are not permitted.