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The latest Golf Digest includes its annual Best in State golf course rankings. We are proud to report that Tamarack is now ranked as #5 best golf course in the state of Connecticut by Golf Digest. They have been ranking courses this way since 1977 and you can click here to view the full article!

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    • Welcome to the 2018 Tamarack Country Club season!

      We're looking forward to a great year.

      I'm always amazed by the amount and variety of "house activity" that the staff is able to generate every year (in the hundreds I'm sure) and it seems that every season they get better and better at it.  

      Social Events

      Comedy Club: Friday, November 16

      Holiday Event: Saturday, December 8

      (We will supply more information as we get closer to each event.  Please mark your calendars now!)

      We will also do a series of events including Lady's Night Out, an LPGA pro group lesson and dinner, cooking demonstrations, yoga classes, wine tastings, and other exciting happenings.  Events for smaller groups (35-60) in the Living Room are being planned now and your suggestions here would be most welcome.  A full calendar of events will appear on the website.


      Happily, Chef Patrick's contract has been renewed so we can expect the same high quality dining we had last season including a wide assortment of fine wines.  The very popular "Burger Haven-1/2 Priced Beer" on Wednesday nights will continue as will rotational Thursday night special menus featuring Lobster, Deli night, Italian, Latin, Tapas, comfort food, Asian, etc. 

      Our very popular Holiday Events for Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day will be bigger than ever with games for everyone, fine food, and entertainment. Get ready for our Annual Tamarack  Watermelon eating contests this year.  (Sign up early for these!)

      Dress Code

      I get more questions about dress code than any single topic and especially about when jeans are allowed.  I urge you to look at the detailed dress code on our website but here's the blue jeans policy in a nutshell:

      Opening - May 1

      Men and Women can wear dressy denim. (Dressy denim means just that.dressy!)

      May 1 - Oct. 31

      Men may not wear any color denim, unless specified for a particular event.

      Women may wear black or white denim, not blue

      Nov. 1 - Closing

      Men and women can wear dressy denim.  (Dressy denim means just that. Dressy.)

      Violators will not be served.

      Please read the full dress code on the website for more details.


      Regular children's events have always been a large part of Tamarack and will continue to be this year. 

      Events will include cooking classes, movie nights, bingo, game night, crafts etc.

      Tamarack Members have never been shy about offering suggestions.  We welcome your ideas!  We can't get better unless we know how you feel about what we're doing, so please don't hesitate to offer suggestions in person to me or committee members or in the Suggestion Box next to the Pro Shop.  I will be happy to review them with the Committee and let you know what happens.

      In the meantime, enjoy the Spring (although it certainly doesn't feel like Spring yet) and gear up for a great summer!

      Steve Goldshore, House Committee Chair Members:  Gerry Amato, Karen Chaplin, Ingrid Delson, Kara Klein, Rhonda Nahoum, Stacy Young

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