Championship Golf designed by a legendary golf architect

Voted One of the Best Golf Courses in Connecticut

The latest Golf Digest includes its annual Best in State golf course rankings. We are proud to report that Tamarack is now ranked as #5 best golf course in the state of Connecticut by Golf Digest. They have been ranking courses this way since 1977 and you can click here to view the full article!

The history of golf course design in America cannot be told without the names CB MacDonald, Seth Raynor and Charles Banks.  Their golf courses are legendary and include such masterpieces as National Golf Links, Deepdale, Fisher's Island and Yale just to name a few.  In 1929, Charles Banks was commissioned to create a new golf course in the rolling hills of back country Greenwich, Connecticut which would be known as Tamarack due to a species of tree that thrived on the property.   Like his mentors,  MacDonald and Raynor, Charles Banks also drew his inspiration from the legendary golf courses of Europe and emulated many of the most interesting holes while adding a twist on their design.  Known as "Steam Shovel Charlie" because of his affection for using machinery to move and shape huge amounts of earth, Tamarack combines traditional European design with large push-up greens and enormous bunkers.  Our 6,841 yard par 71 course is bold and exciting to play while challenging to golfers of every skill level.  Lovingly restored to it's original grandeur, it is considered the gem of all Banks courses and the center piece of Tamarack Country Club.