Womens 18-Hole Golf

Tamarack Country Club is recognized throughout the area for having a leading Women’s Golf Association. Our women’s golf program is highly supported by our professional golf staff as well as our Board of Governors. We offer two golf programs depending on what best fits your lifestyle and skill level.

Our 18 Holer group plays every Wednesday morning and is best suited for the more experienced golfer who enjoys playing in a variety of tournaments and golfing events.

A friendly group lunch typically follows a round of golf. Our professional golf staff offers learning opportunities for anyone interested in learning the game or improving their skills. We encourage new members to join regardless of experience and skill level. Golf is a great way to meet other women at Tamarack. We provide a supportive environment that fosters an atmosphere in which we enjoy socializing with one another before, during, and after our time on the golf course.

For more information regarding our women’s golf program, please feel free to call:

Lindsay Oudsema - President, 18 Holers 
Phone: (203) 249-5827
Email: Lindsay@Oudsema.com

Jo Ann Sacco - Vice President, 18 Holers 
Phone: (914) 260-3135
Email: Saccojoann@gmail.com

We look forward to seeing you on the golf course!