Tennis Lesson Rates and Policies

Tennis Policies

The use of the courts is under the supervision of the General Manager, the Tennis Director and the Tennis Chairperson.

Guests may use the courts only when playing with club members. Members with guests are to register in the Tennis Shop. A charge of $15/person is assessed on weekends and Holidays, $10/person on weekdays. A nonmember may not play as a guest more than five times per season.

Published schedules may be revised at the discretion of the Tennis Director and Tennis Chairperson. When possible, changes will be placed on the club website and on the tennis bulletin board adjacent to the Tennis Shop.

Members and their guests are expected to observe rules of tennis etiquette at all times.

Members and their guests should be mindful of play on courts 1 and 3 while crossing the viewing areas. Members are expected to keep noise to a minimum and be respectful of play on all courts.

DRESS & FOOTWEAR: Proper tennis attire must be worn on the tennis courts. Men may wear collared shirts or non-collared micro-fiber shirts, tennis shorts and non-marking tennis shoes. Golf attire, basketball shorts, cargo shorts, sleeveless shirts or T-shirts are not considered proper tennis attire and will not be permitted on the courts at any time. Only tennis shoes will be permitted on the court. Running shoes and cross fit shoes will not be allowed as it is an issue of safety not to mention, damaging to the courts.  Please note that if gentlemen would like to enter the clubhouse in tennis attire then they must have shirts with collars. Ladies may wear ladies’ tennis-wear, including collared shirts, sleeveless tennis shirts, tennis shorts, dresses or skirts. Colored clothing is permitted. However, for FCTL matches, “All Whites” are required. The same dress code applies to juniors. If there are any questions about appropriate attire, please see our Tennis Director.  Everything purchased in the Tennis Shop will be appropriate attire.

COURT ASSIGNMENTS: The Tennis Staff is responsible for court assignments. All players must sign in at the Pro Shop to be assigned to a court.   Members are encouraged to reserve courts in advance through the club website or by calling the Proshop. Courts will be reserved for one-hour play and will be assigned on the “next available court” basis. You must play on the court assigned to you by the tennis staff. Reservations shall be forfeited if you are more than 25 minutes late for the reserved time. Courts may be reserved up to one week in advance. During peak season (between May 1 – September 10) and outside of tennis shop hours (9a.m. – 5 p.m.) courts will be scheduled on a first come, first served basis. During the off-season (outside of May 1 – September 10) courts will be available, weather permitting, on a first come, first-served basis.

SIGN-UP FOR CLINICS: It is strongly advised that a member sign up for a clinic at least 24 hours in advance. The number of pros required is determined at that time. Members who sign up late might be able to play on a first come, first serve basis, if there is still space. However, since no more than four players can be assigned to a court, members who sign up late might not be able to play.

CANCELLATION POLICIES: For all lessons, clinics and events there will be a standard 24-hour cancellation policy and although I know life happens, in the interest after other members and staff alike, I ask that you give me as much notice as possible if you need to cancel for any reason. In the case of bad weather cancellations, someone from the tennis department will reach out to anyone that is booked for lessons, clinics, practices or events to give as much notice as possible. 


Private Lessons (one player per instructor)

1 Hour

30 Minutes








Semi - Private Lessons (two players per instructor)

1 Hour

30 Minutes


$55/ player

$35/ player


$50/ player

$30/ player

Assist. Professional

$45/ player

$25/ player

Private Clinics

1 1/2 Hour

1 Hour

3 Players

$50/ player

$35/ player

4 Players


$30/ player



1 1/2 Hour

1 Hour

45 Minutes

$45 per session

$30 per session

$25 per session

Golf & Tennis Camp


Ladies Mini Camp

$40 per clinic

Team Practice

$40 per practice

Working Ladies

$45 per clinic

Navy Seals


$30 per clinic

Cardio Tennis


$30 per clinic



Pizza Night

$35/ child

Club Championships

$30/ singles

$60/ doubles team

Jr. Club Championships

$20/ singles

Tuesday Night Social

$45/ person (1.5 hrs)

Parent-Child Tournament

$30/ team

Kids Kick-Off Party

$20/ child


$50/ team


$125/ player

All clinics will require a minimum of 2 players. If one player is present during any walk-in 1½ hrs. clinic, then a 45-minute private lesson will be substituted. For the 1 hr. clinics a 30 minutes private lesson will be substituted. Please note that we have a 24-hour cancellation policy for all lessons. Any lessons, clinics or events cancelled within that 24 hour period are subject to being charged at the full rate. Reservations are limited to 1 ½ hrs. starting at 8:30am. Members are requested not to reserve two consecutive time periods.


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Hours of Operation

Tennis Shop
Monday to Sunday: 8:30 am - 5:30 pm