Junior Golf Groups

Junior Rules and Use of Golf Facilities

  • No child may operate a golf cart unless they have a driver’s license.
  • Children that are not allowed to use a golf cart may carry their own bag when playing.
  • Golfers with a driver’s license may carry their own bag any day after 4:00pm, otherwise must use a caddy or golf cart.
  • Long pants or Bermuda shorts are permissible; however tennis-style shorts are prohibited.
  • Boys must wear collared shirts tucked in with shorts or pants. Jeans and cargo pants (shorts) are prohibited. Caps must be worn face forward.
  • Unsupervised children are not allowed on the driving range.
  • Adults supervising children on the driving range should refrain from personally hitting golf balls while children are hitting.
  • Please let faster golfers play thru on the golf course.
The golf course, and driving range especially, can be a dangerous place for a child.
Adhering to these guidelines will help ensure enjoyment for everyone.

Junior Golf Course Schedule

Children 15-24 may play unaccompanied as provided in the weekly golf schedule. Children ages 14 and under may play unaccompanied if they have a handicap less than 21 or if they have permission from the golf staff. All other circumstances require they be accompanied by an adult. Their schedule is as follows:

Course Closed
After 3:00pm
10:00am to dark
After 3:00pm
Weekends and Holidays
After 3:00pm

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