Golf Lesson Rates and Policies

Tamarack Country Club - History

Tamarack Country Club was founded in 1929 after the construction of the golf course by Charles Henry Banks.  Charles Banks’ nickname was “Steam Shovel Charlie”, given to him by his colleagues because of his affection for the new machine in creating large features. Tamarack is a unique and special golf course and a wonderful example of Mr. Banks’ work. In particular, the large earthworks by the third, fifth, seventh, twelfth, and the “Big Bertha” bunker by the seventeenth green are fine examples of the bold and exciting features incorporated into Tamarack. Another common feature Mr. Banks incorporated into his designs included very large greens that could be segmented into distinct separate sections, which sometimes made putting extremely difficult. 

In 2008, Tamarack’s design was revisited by renowned golf course architect Brian Silva, who dubbed Tamarack “a hidden gem” and restored many of the original Banks features that had eroded over time.

We recognize and appreciate the many contributions and accomplishments over the years of those who have donated their time and energy in making Tamarack one of the “Top 5” best golf courses in Connecticut as ranked by Golf Digest.


Cellular Phones on the Golf Course

The use of cellular phones and other communication devices are prohibited on the golf course at all times except when used simply for viewing email, GPS or text messages.    The use of cell phones in the clubhouse, except the locker rooms is also prohibited.  Cell phones can be used in the parking lot up (beyond the bag drop area).


Care of the Golf Course
Members are REQUIRED to:

-   repair ball marks on the putting greens and fringes
replace all divots
pay strict observance to cart rules
rake bunkers before exiting them from the closest entry point
rakes should be replaced inside bunkers 
tap excess sand from shoes prior to walking on the green


Dress Code on the Golf Course

Tamarack has a code of “proper attire” for the golf course and practice areas.  Long pants or Bermuda shorts are permissible, however tennis-style shorts, “short-shorts”, jeans and cargo pants (or shorts) are prohibited.   Golfers must wear collared shirts. Women may wear collarless shirts, provided they have sleeves. Men’s shirts must be tucked in and caps are to be worn front forward.  Tennis and swim attire, including tennis-length skirts, are not permitted as golf attire.


Dress Code for Other Events

The Monthly Club Newsletter and Calendar will usually contain information about appropriate dress codes for upcoming events. From time to time, special events may have special dress requirements which may be different from the usual rules.  Normally those special requirements will be posted. If you are unsure, please contact the office for clarification.


Golf Course Emergencies and Dangerous Weather

You should be aware of Tamarack’s procedures and policies in the event of lightning or medical emergency.  Emergency call boxes are located behind the fourth green and by the fifteenth tee. It is recommended that at least one member of each group carry a cell phone in the event of emergency.

Tamarack has a lightning monitoring system that detects dangerous storms in the area. The signal for stopping and resuming play is a high-pitched siren.  When you hear the siren you must leave the course immediately.

Safety is an important issue in every area of the club, but the golf course is especially vulnerable to extreme weather conditions.  Be prepared!


Safety on the Golf Course and Practice Areas

The safety of our members is the primary concern of our Board, our committees, our management and members themselves.  As enjoyable as golf is, the sport has some inherent dangers due to the nature of the equipment, the speed at which golf balls travel, and the vulnerability of golfers and bystanders who are not otherwise protected. In all cases it is the member’s responsibility to exercise prudence and judgement during play and practice. If a staff member is not present, any member observing unsafe activity should inform the pro shop or starter immediately.  If there is imminent danger, members need to use their best judgement whether to intervene.


-   No one should play his/her shot until they are sure that the group in front is out of range.  It is the member’s responsibility to be aware of other golfers and to shout “FORE” in the event that an errant shot could potentially hit another player or bystander.

-   Be aware of the positions of other golfers both on the driving range and in the short game area.  Skulled shots can put other players in harm’s way.

-   We welcome children on the golf course and driving range, but we rely on parents/ guardians to keep watch over them to make sure that they are not wandering into unsafe areas, nor are they engaging in unsafe behavior. When you’re on the range with a child, you are expected to actively supervise your child to insure the safety of others on the range. For the younger golfers we would discourage you from hitting while your child is using the range/short game area so that you can adequately supervise them.

-   We have a warning light that alerts golfers on the driving range of groups coming down the 13th fairway, and no golfer should hit towards that fairway while the light is on.  Common sense also dictates that golfers on the range should be on the lookout for groups on that fairway who have forgotten to set the warning light, for caddies who may precede groups onto the fairway, and for maintenance workers who may be crossing in that direction.

-   There are private homes beyond the nets on the driving range and golfers are forbidden to hit over those nets.  There is a fine of $500 and potential suspension for golfers who do not obey this rule.

-   Our tennis courts and swimming pool line the right side of our tenth hole.  Despite the nets, golf balls have entered both the pool and tennis courts endangering others.   We have posted signs that direct members to choose a club off the tee that cannot - reach into either of these areas.  There is a fine and suspension for violation of this rule.

-   No child may operate a golf cart unless they have a driver’s license.


The backbone of competitive amateur golf at the club level is the Handicap system.  It is the one factor that permits members of all skill levels to play and compete against one another almost as equals.  Conversely, incorrect handicaps can give one player an unfair and illicit advantage over another. Even beyond Tamarack, golf organizations such as the USGA, WGA, etc. who run tournaments must rely on each member club to keep accurate handicaps.

Players at Tamarack may compete in net score events provided that they have a valid USGA Handicap.  The USGA has an expansive, specific and very robust manual on how that system works and also the duties and responsibilities of a club’s Handicap Committee in enforcing that system.

The most important part of that system is the member’s responsibility to post their score EACH AND EVERY TIME they play, unless they play alone. In the event of a failure to post, under USGA rules, the Handicap Committee has the following options:


-   Post the actual score made by the player;

-   Post a penalty score equal to the lowest/highest Handicap Differential in the scoring record;

-   Post the actual score and a penalty score


In addition, the Committee has the authority to ASSIGN a handicap index to a player (higher or lower than that on the system) if the committee believes that the scores do not accurately reflect a player’s ability!


Repeated failure to post scores could result in ineligibility for handicap based competitions at the Club (including member-guest functions).  Foretees generates weekly reports of scheduled rounds and compares them with GHIN postings. The Golf Committee has formed a subcommittee to specifically monitor the posting of handicaps.  Written warnings will be issued to members who are in danger of handicap sanctions.


Only members with current MGA handicaps may compete in handicap events. For member-guest functions, each guest’s handicap will be verified by the Golf Shop and/or Golf Committee prior to the competition.  Guests without a valid or verifiable handicap may still play in such tournaments; however they will play with an assigned handicap.  Official handicaps are adjusted by the MGA every two weeks.  Even though MGA calculates a “trend” handicap after each posting, tournaments are based on the Official MGA handicap.


Please see the golf shop to make sure that you are enrolled in the handicap system.  There is an annual fee for this service which is automatically billed to your account.


After each round, you may hand your scorecard into the pro shop with each player’s name and Tamarack handicap number clearly printed) and as a courtesy, the staff will post your scores.  All tournament scores will automatically be posted by the pro shop.  Every member is responsible to see that every one of his/her scores are posted to the handicap system.  If you are playing a round of golf at another club, you are responsible for posting that score as well.  If you are unsure about how to post an “away” score, please consult one of the golf professionals.  Scores during the winter “off” season can sometimes be posted at the course you played, using your GHIN number.  If they cannot be posted at the time, you can post them at the beginning of the Tamarack season.


The MGA Handicap system uses Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) to calculate handicaps.  Essentially, the ESC system limits the score that a golfer can post on a given hole, in accordance with the chart below. Please record your actual score on each hole, total your gross score and also compute your ESC score.  The ESC chart will be posted in both locker rooms and the Golf Shop.  Scores for partial rounds, (13 holes or more completed,) should be submitted by assigning a “par” to holes that you didn’t play and you would not get a stroke or a “bogie” to holes that you didn’t play and you would get a stroke (for example, assuming you have a 15 handicap and stop playing after 13 holes, you would assign a “bogie” 5 to hole #14, a “par” 3 to hole #15, a “par” 4 to hole #16, and a “bogie” 6 and 5 to holes #17 and #18).  Tournament rounds carry extra weight in the ESC handicap determination. See the Golf Shop staff or a Golf Committee member with any questions regarding how to post your scores.


Here are the ESC Scoring limits (note that these limits are regardless of par):

            Course Handicap:                    Post Up To:
 9 or less                                   Double Bogey
10-19                                                 7
20-29                                                 8
30-39                                                 9
40                                                     10


Weekly Golf Course Schedule
(The Foretees system opens for reservations 7 days prior, except Weekends and Holidays when it opens at 8:00 am the Tuesday prior)
It is always a good idea to consult the Foretees system, the Tamarack website or the golf shop for any last-minute changes to the schedule. 


Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 
(Foretees opens up at 8:00 am the Tuesday prior)

6:45am to 10:30am

Open tee sheet is in effect for Certificate Holding, Senior Certificate, Senior, Regular, Junior and Intermediate members.
No guests are allowed prior to 10:30 am on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays from June 1st – September 1st.  (Before June 1st and after September 1st, one guest per member is allowed prior to 10:30 pm).  Only special exceptions will be allowed with prior approval from the Golf Committee.

10:30am to dark

 1 Open play. One guest per member will be allowed from 10:30 am – 12:30 pm; after 12:30 pm, up to three guests are allowed per member.

After 3:00pm

Under 14 accompanied with adult.

Monday or Tuesday after a Holiday

Usual outing day.  Check monthly schedule. 
Course closed until conclusion of outing.

 12:00pm to dark

 If no outing, course open, no carts, golf shop,club services or locker room services.

Tuesday  - Except after a Holiday  

8:00am to 9:30am

Tee reserved for children family members from late June to the end of August


 9:30am to dark

Open play-Guests permitted. Special Tuesday Guest fees include lunch for you and your guest.  Associate Members permitted.

All juniors must notify a member of the Golf Shop before starting play. On certain occasions, the Golf Shop may permit juniors to play at times other than indicated in this schedule.

All day

Under 14 accompanied with adult allowed  

Until 11:30 am

Women’s 18 Holers’ Golf Association. Members may consult with the Starter or Golf shop when making arrangements to play on a Wednesday morning, provided that the Women’s group play is not disturbed or impeded. Approval from the Starter or Pro Shop is required and is not optional.  Members MAY NOT arrange to play on Wednesday during a women’s special event.

11:30 am to dark

Open play- Guests permitted.  Associate Members permitted.

 After 3:00pm

Under 14 accompanied with adult allowed

8:30am to 10:00am

Women’s 9 Holer- Front or Back nine as designated by the Golf Professional. Other arrangements can be made between 8:30 am and 10:00 am with the Golf Shop provided you do not interfere with the Women’s 9 Holer events.

10:00 am to dark  

Open play-Guests permitted.  Associate members permitted

After 10:00 am

Under 14 accompanied with adult allowed

 6:30am to dark

Open play-Guests permitted

After 3:00pm

Under 14 accompanied with adult allowed

*Please note that the foregoing schedule may be modified from time to time by the Board and is subject to change for special events such as interclub matches, junior golf events, and golf association events. Please consult your monthly calendar for special Club events.*


Junior Rules and Use of Golf Facilities

No child may operate a golf cart unless they have a driver’s license. Children that are not allowed to use a golf cart may carry their own bag when playing. Golfers with a driving license may carry their own bag any day after 4:00pm, otherwise they must use a caddie or a golf cart. Long pants or Bermuda shorts are permissible; however tennis-style shorts are prohibited. Boys must wear collared shirts tucked in with shorts or pants. Jeans and cargo pants (shorts) are prohibited. Caps must be worn face forward. Unsupervised children are not allowed on the driving range. Adults supervising children on the driving range should refrain from personally hitting golf balls while children are hitting. Children must let faster golfers play thru on the course.

Children ages 15-24 may play unaccompanied as provided in the weekly schedule. Children ages 14 and under may play unaccompanied if they have a handicap less than 21 or if they have permission from the golf staff. All other circumstances require they be accompanied by an adult.


Tournament Eligibility

Children of members over 16 years of age may compete in certain Tamarack tournaments where the field is not limited as to the number of entries.  Members who wish their child to compete in such tournaments will be expected to pay a prize fund fee for each participating child.


Starting Times

Tamarack installed an automated tee time system in 2006.  The system is called “Foretees” and can be accessed directly through the Tamarack Website.


Foretees Instructions

To access Foretees, go to the Website and log in.  On the left, click on Tee-Times and you will be in the Foretees system. You may access Foretees through the internet 24 hours per day.  For weekend and holiday starting times, Foretees will become available at 8am each Tuesday.  Tee times are issued on a first come-first-served basis.  Groups may reserve one or two times.

For other times, you may view the signup sheets on the website and sign up along with your playing partners.  You may indicate your preferences for walking or riding and all Foretees transactions will be confirmed by email.

You may only edit your own entries in Foretees.  You may not delete a playing partner or change his/her time unless you made the tee time.  This may only be done by the individual golfer or by the pro shop.  Foretees has been programmed with the Tamarack play rules and will only allow reservations to be made as permitted by your membership classification.

If you enter a starting time with an incomplete foursome, you are essentially inviting someone to join your group and someone may in fact do so over the internet.  If you are joining a threesome by this method, it would be wise to contact a member of that threesome to avoid an embarrassing situation if they have asked a fourth without recording it on the system. To hold a spot in your group open, you may do so by placing an “X” in the blank spot.  Be aware that the “X’s” will convert to open spots 24 hours before tee time and other members may sign into that group.

If you have scheduled a tee time and you, your guests or playing partners cannot make it, please cancel your reservation to allow the tee time to be filled by other members.  Failure to show up for tee times can result in loss of “prime time” privileges.  Also, if you are part of a foursome and cannot make it especially on weekend mornings, please cancel yourself so other members can play at these prime time hours.

In addition to making weekly times, you will be able to sign up for all the golf events during the season.  Pay attention to the dates and times that you may sign up for these events. Starting times are required for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays. You may enter your starting times for other days directly through Foretees. Starting times may also be obtained by calling the Golf Shop (203-531-7364) or making a request in person at the Golf Shop. No guests are allowed prior to 10:30 am on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays from June 1st – September 1st.  One guest per member will be allowed from 10:30 am – 12:30 pm. After 12:30 pm, up to three guests are allowed per member. (Before June 1st and after September 1st one guest per member is allowed prior to 10:30 am).  Only special exceptions will be allowed with prior approval from the Golf Committee.  Members with 2 or more guests shall be required to take at least one caddie or forecaddie at all times. Preference for Play on Wednesdays before 11:30 am is given to the Ladies 18-hole members.  The Ladies 9-hole members will have preference on Thursdays between 8:30 am and 10:00 am. 


Golf Shop Assistance

If you wish to play Saturday or Sunday mornings but have not arranged a game, call the Golf Shop for help.  Bobby Farrell and his staff will try to make a game for you.  If you are a single, a twosome, or a threesome, see if the Golf Shop can help you complete a foursome.  This will make your game more enjoyable and also speed up play by having one less group on the golf course.



Tipping is not allowed in the Clubhouse, but is permitted for locker room attendant, caddy master and bag boys.   


Golf Cart Usage

Damage to our golf course from the improper use of carts is a significant maintenance problem. Our bylaws provide for charging a member’s account to pay for any damage caused by improper cart use, including replacement of damaged sod, sprinkler heads and the like.  In addition, violators will receive a letter from the Golf Committee and be posted in the Golf Shop and could also result in the loss of cart privileges.

1.      Obey all cart signs, particularly as you approach the green complex.  There are markers on the sides of the fairway to indicate where the carts must exit and rejoin the cart path.

2.      All par 3 holes are cart path only, regardless of the weather.

3.      Please scatter carts as you leave each tee.  Scatter means trying to enter the fairway on a different angle from other carts that have entered the fairway before.  It will be evident from cart tracks where other carts have been. This will prevent wearing out of a particular part of a fairway.

4.      Regardless of weather, certain areas should never be driven upon, including the areas directly in and around bunkers, tees or greens, fescued areas, and portions of the golf course that are wet and/or soft.  Occasionally areas are roped off or stakes placed in the ground to prevent cart traffic.  Those ropes and stakes are not to be driven over or removed. If during play, ropes or stakes need to be removed to play a shot, those stakes and ropes should be replaced when you finish playing your shot.

5.      Some players may have blue flags on carts due to medical or other issues.  These players are permitted to approach greens and tees beyond where other carts may go.  However, players must still exercise judgement and must be alert to potential damage their carts can do.

6.      Golf carts are not to be used for taxi service to the pool or parking areas.

7.      Avoid wet spots, puddles and USE COMMON SENSE.  Pay particular attention to our perennial wet spots such as the right side of hole #4 or #14, even when cart use is unrestricted.

8.      Individuals are not permitted to operate a golf cart unless they have a driver’s license.

9.      No carts should be operated for any purpose without the specific knowledge of a member of the Golf Shop staff. Carts may not be rented after 6:30 pm.

10.    Carts must be returned to the Golf Shop no later than dusk to ensure the safety of the operations as well as the staff who must secure them to prevent excessive deterioration and vandalism.  Violation of this rule will result in loss of cart privileges.


Hole-In-One Insurance

The custom of having the member scoring a hole-in-one buy a drink for all members on the course or in the Clubhouse at the time of the great event will continue.

This hospitality and plaque recognition will be underwritten by a Hole-in-One insurance fund maintained by an automatic assessment at the time the hole-in-one occurs.


Speed and Pace of Play

Please be considerate of your fellow golfers, in your speed of play, in the interval maintained between groups on the golf course and in your treatment and care of the golf course.

The Committee believes the expected time for completion of a round for a foursome is four hours, subject of course to conditions.  As George Carlin once said, “Everyone going slower than you is an idiot.  Everyone going faster than you is a maniac.”  Although he was talking about driving a car, his point is that everyone believes that they are moving at the ideal pace.

Letting faster groups play through is not always an efficient solution as this can often slow down the whole course.  It is most important to maintain your position behind the group in front of you, and maintain that position by preparing for your own strokes while walking or riding directly to your ball, or while waiting for others to play.  Note the position of yardage markers as you approach your ball.  Avoid traveling in “packs” and walk or ride to your own ball.  If you periodically check both behind you and in front, you will have an idea whether you are going too slowly. 

If people behind you are waiting on every hole, and you are not, then you likely are moving too slow and should pick up your pace.

Pace of play is a very sensitive subject and members should be sensitive to the way slow play can disturb an otherwise enjoyable round.  Please call the pro shop if you feel that the group or groups in front of you are playing slowly (i.e. there is at least one hole open in front of them).

If your group (1) takes longer than four hours fifteen minutes to complete the round, (2) is the subject of a complaint filed with the golf shop, or (3) finishes substantially behind the group in front of you, the Golf Committee will investigate the circumstances and then may issue a slow play warning to you, individually, or to your entire group. A second offense will result in a suspension of starting time privileges during prime time.  Slow play is an unpleasant experience.  Please help us avoid this problem.

The USGA is on a mission to help speed up play, and we encourage you to go on the following link to understand how you can be proactive in speeding up play:

Please note also that on weekend mornings, the early tee times (before 8am) generally are lower handicappers and finish their rounds in well under four hours.  Please be conscious of that when making tee times and if you play at this time, please adhere to that faster pace.

Fivesomes will not be permitted during the peak season beginning April 15 through September 30. 
At the discretion of the Pro Shop, fivesomes may be allowed out prior to April 15 or after September 30.  


Guests, Guest Fees and Member Responsibility

Members must accompany their guests while on the Club grounds.  If a guest is to arrive at the Club in advance of his or her host, the host should notify the Club and provide the Club with the guest’s name. Guests attending functions in private rooms are to proceed directly to that room and will not be admitted to other parts of the Club. All guests must register at the Golf Shop.

Members are responsible for the conduct and appearance of their guests while using the facilities of the Club. Please inform your guests of Tamarack’s cell phone, dress and smoking policies in advance of your round.  If your guests are improperly attired, they will be asked to purchase the appropriate attire from the pro shop or they will not be permitted to play.  An infraction committed by a guest is tantamount to any infraction committed by the inviting member.

A $75 guest fee for week days and $100 for Friday, Saturday, Sunday & holidays will be charged for each guest playing golf.

 On Tuesdays, the guest fee includes lunch.  There is a special 9-hole guest fee of $37.50, Tuesday – Thursday after 4:00PM.

 Members may bring up to seven guests on Tuesdays and Thursdays but no more than two members per day may do so.  Seven guest days must be scheduled in advance by calling the Golf Shop. Otherwise, members may bring more than one guest (3 maximum) except before 12:30 pm on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays. Members may also bring guests on Fridays before 11:00 am and after12:30 pm, and Wednesdays after 1:00 pm.  Please ensure guests know Tamarack is a non-metal spikes course.

 No guest will be permitted on the golf course more than three times in a month regardless of which member is bringing him or her. Any guest playing golf must be accompanied by a Member or a Family Member.  With the prior consent of the golf committee, a member may invite a foursome of unaccompanied guests.  The fee in this instance is $250 per golfer and a caddy or fore caddie is required.


Family Members’ Use of the Golf Course

A “Family Member” is a spouse of a Regular or Certificate Holding Member, or an unmarried child or grandchild under age 25 of a Regular or Certificate Holding Member.  Family Members shall be permitted use of the golf course as provided in the Weekly Golf Schedule, subject to special events scheduled from time to time. No child under age 14 shall play golf or use the putting green unless accompanied by an adult or unless authorized by the Golf Professional.



Scheduled outings will appear on the monthly calendar.  An outing is:

1.      A player ratio of more than seven guests per member- two foursomes.

2.      A group- business, professional, or social- of more than eight, regardless of ratio of members.

Requests for outings must be submitted to the Chairman of the Golf Committee and such request will be evaluated by the Golf Committee and presented to the Board of Governors for approval.  Prior to requesting such authorization, please check with the Club Manager regarding availability of the Clubhouse facilities.  Requests should generally be made in the fall of the year for the next season’s outing.

It is the member’s responsibility to notify their outing guests that Tamarack is a non-metal spikes golf course and of the rules regarding cell phones.


Golf Tournament and Events Schedule for 2019

The following schedule lists all golf events and tournaments for the 2019 golf season.  Mondays are reserved for outings that will appear on the monthly calendar so that our members can make their plans with as much knowledge as possible.  However, there may be changes or additions to the events schedule. Notice of any revision will appear in Club mailings.  It is also a good idea to check with the Golf Shop or on-line if you are unsure of the schedule.


Outings are scheduled to cause minimum disruption to member play.  Please check with the Golf Shop in the event you have questions about availability of the course for play.

In those few instances when an event forces us to close the course to open play, it is also noted in the schedule.

  • Lesson Rates

    • Lesson Rates for individual lessons are:

      Bobby Farrell, PGA

      1 hour: $150
      ½ hour: $80

      PGA Assistant Professionals

      1 hour: $140
      ½ hour: $75