Pool Policies

Hours of Operation:

Full time hours are 7 days a week from 10:00am until 8:00pm until Monday, September 2.

Friday, September 6: 3:00-8:00pm

Saturday, September 7: 10:00-8:00pm

Sunday, September 8: 10:00-8:00pm

  • Attire
    • Proper bathing attire must be worn in the pool at all times
      No golf shoes are permitted on the pool deck
      Jeans are not permitted in the pool area
      Clothing and towels are not to be draped or hung on fencing or railing at the pool area.

  • Guests
    • Guests are to be registered by the member in the sign-in book and on a blue guest chit. All guests must be accompanied by a member.
      A member's spouse and unmarried children under the age of 25 living with a member are not considered guests.
      Guest fees will be set annually by the Board.
      There will, however, not be a fee for grandchildren under age 12 or for any guest under age 5.

  • Children
    • Children under age 13 must be accompanied by a responsible person that must be at least 16 years of age.
  • Pool Rules
    • The pool is open 7 days a week during the season, weather permitting. No person may use the pool unless it is officially open and the lifeguards are on duty. Please use the pool and surrounding area in a manner that insures the safety of those using the pool.

      • Lockers are provided to secure personal belongings. Patrons may bring locks for use on lockers. All locks must be removed from the locker at the end of the day or they will be removed. Items left in lockers after the end of the day will be placed in the pool's lost and found area.
      • Everyone must shower prior to entering both pools.
      • There is no smoking permitted anywhere in the pool complex.
      • The use of cell phones at the pool complex is limited to two designated areas only: the locker rooms and the area behind the locker rooms. Again, all cell phones must be set to “vibrate mode” only.
      • Running, ball playing and the like are to be confined to areas designated for that purpose.
      • Non-swimmers , and novices are to use only the shallow end of the pool and in the presence of an adult.
      • Glass containers of any kind are not permitted in the pool area.
      • Papers and refuse should be placed in receptacles provided for them.
      • Persons with communicable diseases are not to use the pool.
      • Food and beverages, other than those obtained from the Summer Cafe, are not to be brought into the pool area.
      • No child under the age of thirteen (13) should be left at the pool facility unattended.
      • No child five (5) and older should be in the wading pool at any point during the day.
      • No child should ever be left unattended within the gates of the wading pool.
      • No diapers allowed in the main pool. In the wading pool, swimming diapers must be worn.
      • There are not to be any type of inflatable flotation devices in either of the pools. Only Coast Guard approved life vests are allowed in the pools. Flotation devices need to be approved by the Aquatics Director or Assistant Aquatics Director.
      • Rough play and personal conduct endangering safety of self and others is prohibited.
      • If a lifeguard or Director blows the whistle to clear out the pool, everyone must exit the pool immediately.
      • In case of lightning, the pool deck must be evacuated including the outdoor area of the Summer Café.
      • Diving from the pool apron is not permitted in areas where the depth of the pool is less than 5 feet.
      • Swimmers are not to step onto the diving board until the person who dove before has surfaced and is at the ladder. After diving, swim directly to the ladder on the same side of the pool as the diving board.
      • Only one bounce is allowed on the diving board.
      • Swimmers are not to swim into or out of the diving area.
      • No metal, rigid or sharp-edged toys may be taken into the wading pool area.
      • Supervision is defined as having the child within arm's reach at all times while at the pool.
      • Patrons age six and older are permitted in the pool without supervision, but are subject to removal by the Aquatics Director, Assistant Aquatics Director or Head Guard if they create a health or safety risk.
      • The Club assumes no liability for the loss or theft of a patron's personal belongings.
      • Swim lessons are to be provided by club personnel only and will be charged directly to members' accounts.
      • Persons unable to demonstrate their ability to swim are not permitted in the deep water. Life jackets are not permitted in the deep water.
      • The Aquatics Director, Assistant Aquatics Director or Head Guard may enforce any non-written rule as deemed necessary.
      • The pool may be closed due to inclement weather or water quality.
      • Unnecessary talking to lifeguards is not permitted while they are on duty.
      • No cuts, open sores, bandages or infectious diseases.